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2009-10-10 13:55:41 by legomaestro


Well, here i am completely utterly freaked and amazed that i had missed such a high-quality and superb flash site. I have surfed and surfed but never found something quite as amazing as NG. Quite frankly, i'm useless as i am at the moment. The point was proved by the fact that i submitted a flash project that was blammed within the hour. Thats what actually impressed me and why i'm still hanging around. So far all the sites i've been to have never been honest enough to get me moving, now i realise that i'm really new in this flash thing, so i'm going to do my best and get better.

Programming is scary, but i hope i can make a few games mid-2010, because i have a hell of a lot to learn, even though i'm addicted to Flash.